The IRIS Story

The year after India won its independence, Sri. N. Ranga Rao founded N. Ranga Rao & Sons, and Cycle Pure Agarbathies. This brand has now blossomed into one of the biggest household names in the country, and is the largest selling incense stick brand in the world.

Ripple Fragrances, the spatial fragrance division of N. Ranga Rao & Sons was founded in the year 2004. Manufacturing personal care, AirCare and Lifestyle AirCare products, Ripple made a mark for itself in the Fragrance Industry within a short period.

IRIS, founded in 2008, is a brand of Ripple Fragrances’. IRIS Home Fragrances has pioneered the nascent Home Fragrance market in India and is now the leading player. It has achieved this position by launching exotic fragrances coupled with innovative fragrance delivery systems. We are also proud to declare that all our fragrances are blended by master perfumers, and are engineered to work well with the climatic conditions of the country.

The name IRIS is derived from the season, Spring – a time of growth, a time of renewal, a time of new beginnings. It’s a time when Iris, the spring flower, blossoms in all its beauty. Named after the goddess of the Rainbow, the multi-hued ‘IRIS’ instantly uplifts the spirit and serves as the inspiration for our fragrances.

At IRIS, we are great believers that the power of fragrances can refresh the body and mind, which is why we employ the art of Aromachology. Aromachology is the study of the influence of various odors on human behavior and the examination of the relationship between fragrances and emotions. This belief is manifested in all our products. From fragrant oils to reed diffusers, IRIS encapsulates aroma in every form. The fragrance of the beautifully designed IRIS products has a revitalizing effect on ambiance and enhances the aesthetics of interiors as well.

The IRIS dream is to provide sensory delight through fragrance and form.

Adherence to Industry Guidelines:

At Ripple Division, only fragrances that strictly adhere to guidelines issued by industry associations are approved for sale. Conscientious IFRA (International Fragrances Association), and GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe) complaisance under the United States EPA (Environment Protection Agency) is followed.

Apart from conforming to these industry guidelines, IRIS Home Fragrances is also complaisant with regulatory bodies in Europe and the US, which have established a protocol for the dosage of specific aroma compounds for topical and environmental applications. These regulations ensure safe, allergen-free ingredients that are biodegradable and hence eco-friendly.

Fabrication and Technology

At IRIS, we have industry-leading standards and infrastructure facilities to create world-class fragrances.

For instance, our aromatic candles are made at a 30,000 sq ft facility with German auto press machines. As for our incense sticks and cones with specialty shapes, we have a 15,000 sq ft exclusive laboratory in place for quality analysis and R&D. The IRIS liquid fragrance Filling and Applications Center has a semi-automated line with an exclusive R&D lab.

Our products are made with precise attention to detail and regard. They go through multiple quality checks and inspections before being marketed. All so that our consumers get the best out of them.

Core Competency

Product Design:

There are several facets to Product Design: from physical form, texture, and colors, to graphic art. At IRIS, we incorporate trends from the Fashion and Home Decor sectors that provide an annual forecast of market trends. These are utilized to make color palettes and mood boards based on the season. We integrate these thoughts to create design ideas for new product development. Our design team works on product form and graphic design to create a mass of prototypes, which are then examined and validated by the product engineering team.

Form Design:

Form Design incorporates inputs from the market based on trends and customer requirements. These inputs are used to develop sketches of possible forms. Once the forms are approved for function, the production engineering team does a feasibility study. For mass production, these forms are made with the help of our vendors. While a lot of our products are handcrafted, the prototypes are created by our vendors. This helps us understand the constraints in mass production and build solutions to overcome them.

Delivery systems:

Delivery systems are those via which the fragrances are dispersed. For Home Fragrance products, delivery systems can be broadly classified into two categories – Heat Source delivery, and Surface Evaluation delivery like Capillaries and Osmosis. Heat sources are used by our electrical vaporizers, ultrasonic misters, etc., whereas our reed diffusers, potpourris, and the like are based on the osmosis and capillary delivery systems. The solvent system is designed keeping in mind the safety and stability of performance, and it fully adheres to the regulations for air care products.

The NR Group was founded in the heritage city of Mysuru by Shri. N. Ranga Rao. What began in 1948 as a fledgling agarbathi manufacturing company is today the world’s largest manufacturer of agarbathi. Shri. Ranga Rao was a man of great vision, foresight, and dreamt of building a value driven business. Even in the year 1948, he believed in building a brand.
Since its inception in 1948, the group has expanded into new business categories such as functional air care products (Lia brand room and car fresheners), wellness home fragrance products (IRIS under Ripple Fragrances), floral extracts (NESSO), and Rangsons Technologies. Today, the Group is managed by the third generation of the Ranga Rao family, Mr. Arjun Ranga, Mr. Pavan Ranga, Mr. Kiran Ranga, Mr. Vishnu Ranga and Mr. Anirudh Ranga.

The NR Group has always been ahead of its time, with series of marketing, research, product, packaging and organizational innovations. The enterprise as a result evolved from an incense stick manufacturer to one that provides a wide range of solutions in the natural aroma and fragrance category. Over the last 68 years, the Group has diversified into various sectors and become a name to reckon with in each one of them.
The NR Group, which was founded in 1948, is a multi-faceted corporation with interests in Agarbathies, Spiritual products and services, Home scents, Botanical Extracts, A&D electronic systems, aircraft tubes, and hoses, Agritech, and Enterprise IoT solutions. The company’s flagship, is the market leader in the Indian incense industry, led by its brand ‘CYCLE pure agarbathies.

IRIS is a Ripple Fragrances brand that was created in 2008. IRIS Home Fragrances was the first to enter India’s nascent home fragrance market and is currently the market leader. It has risen to this position by introducing exotic fragrances and novel fragrance delivery techniques. We’re also delighted to say that all of our perfumes are created by expert perfumers and are designed to work well in the country’s climate.

We’ve been inventing and distributing distinctive fragrances for almost 70 years, and our product Cycle Pure Agarbathies is an industry leader. Lia Room fresheners and Lia Car fresheners are of the same high quality and service. Under the Lia brand, NR Group introduced room fresheners, car dashboard gel, car misters, and car & vent gels to the functional air care market. Stop-O Brick, Stop-O Power Bag, and Stop-O Power Spray are all available under the Stop-O brand (One Touch).

Vyoda is an agritech start-up with a mission to provide affordable Smart Irrigation solutions and promote sustainable agriculture practices for a brighter tomorrow through product innovation. Vyoda has opened a research and development center in Tel Aviv to avail use of Israel’s excellent product development capabilities and agricultural experience. Vyoda has established a state-of-the-art production plant in Mysuru, India, to ensure that the products are affordable to small and medium farmers. Vyoda is a Mysuru-based subsidiary of the NR Group.

Soulveda is a digital platform that promotes happiness, wellness, and spiritual awareness. In 2015, a seed of an idea germinated in response to the demand for positivity in a world that is continually stressed. As a result, we embarked on a mission to promote healthier and more peaceful lifestyles. The goal of our content is to promote a holistic lifestyle.

Graylinx, formerly known as SenZopt Technologies, at Graylinx we strive to make future factories a reality. We accomplish this by tapping into the inherent intelligence of existing systems and linking it to critical aspects of the building or manufacturing. We design a self-learning, seamless system based on an open-systems model that makes the building SelfAware® and requires minimal supervision, maintenance, or upgrades.

Rangsons Aerospace Pvt Ltd, a subsidiary of the NR Group, is India’s largest aerospace, defense, and homeland security product technology firm. We have the greatest people and over a thousand man-years of expertise in the Aerospace and Defense Industry at Rangsons Aerospace Pvt Ltd.

We are the first Indian firm to manufacture any Airborne Compact Heat Exchanger, and we also have the smallest SATCOM antenna terminal in the world to our credit. Our global sales network spans the United States, the United Kingdom, and France. Many foreign and national organizations, including HAL, DRDO, and BEL, contribute to our credibility as India’s premier corporation in the domain.

The foundation, which was founded in 1985 and is directed by Sri R. Guru, chairman of the NR Group, is a pillar of support for the differently-abled and underprivileged.


The International Fragrance Association is a self-regulatory representative body of fragrance industries across the globe. It follows a dedicated science-backed program to ensure the safety of fragrance materials and products.
IRIS sees fragrance as a safe and essential part of life as it has the power to activate a range of positive emotions and enhance lives. To see to it that you and your family have faith in our fragrance products, and to respect our shared environment, we work with IFRA standards.
The IFRA standards form the basis for the globally accepted and recognized risk management system for the safe use of fragrance ingredients and are part of the IFRA Code of Practice.


Generally Recognized As Safe or GRAS is an FDA designation that certifies if chemical compounds or substances in cosmetics, food, and drugs are safe for consumption, or topical use.
Since the time of inception, IRIS has always striven to make use of natural ingredients that are Generally Recognized As Safe.


N. Ranga Rao & Sons, the world’s largest incense manufacturer, and the parent company of IRIS Home Fragrances, is the first and only company in the home worship segment to earn the Zero Carbon or Carbon Neutral Certification. Our conglomerate’s effort has been recognized by the United Kingdom’s (UK) Natural Capital Partners, a widely known voluntary carbon offset and sustainability solutions provider in the world. The company has reduced 11.040 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide Equivalent (CO2e) through carbon offsetting over the last eight years.