The IRIS dream is to create sensory delight through fragrance and form. The Aroma Boutique is a manifestation of that dream.

IRIS brings to you curated home fragrance products and delectable accessories that complement your decor.
Fragrance is life-enhancing. This is the simple belief around which IRIS Fragrances has been created. And the IRIS Aroma Boutique brings this belief to life. The purpose behind the boutique is to introduce the world of fragrances to discerning clients, under one roof.

Fragrances are an eclectic world and we offer you a plethora of choices to help you fully appreciate this most subtle of sensual treats. All our fragrances are available with novel delivery systems and as innovative accessories, making for adorable home decor artifacts. Our fragrance solutions go beyond the home as well, taking over markets like retail spaces, hotels, and corporates, among others. Drop into the store today. A whiff is all it takes to captivate the senses and draw you into the fascinating world of home fragrances.

Every product on our online catalogue is available in the boutique. Apart from the myriad fragrances and accessories online, we also have a few unique items that are available exclusively at the stores.


This is the new benchmark in fragrance diffusion. The UAD emits cool, eco-friendly, ultrasonic vibrations that convert water-based fragrances into a fine mist. This creates a fragrant ambience without heat or smoke.


These lanterns boast traditional craft designs in a contemporary style, thus adding a beautiful touch to the ambience.


Pair these artfully designed holders with your tea lights, as they perfectly complement one another in terms of aesthetics to create a beautiful play of shadow.


The IRIS Aroma Boutiques have one of the most varied collections of aromatic candles available under one roof. The collection comprises of pillar candles, jar candles, tin candles, and tea light candles in various sizes and finishes. Some exquisite fragrances on offer are Coral Blue, French Lavender and Romance.


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