Amogha Fragrance Reed Diffuser


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  • tulsi camphor reed diffuser

    Immerse yourself in serenity with the Amogha Tulsi Camphor Reed Diffuser. Let its divine scent transport you to ethereal realms, infusing positive energy for rejuvenation of body and mind. Experience pure bliss today.

  • 650

    The IRIS Amogha Lavender Khus Reed Diffuser is a soothing retreat to immerse in the calming effect of lavender. Water Lavender Khus is a floral, herbaceous and camphoraceous fragrance that helps in balancing your emotions providing you with a sense of peace and renewal. 

  • 650

    Elevate your senses with the invigorating IRIS Lemongrass fragrance! Our Amogha Lemongrass Reed Diffuser Set combines functionality and aesthetics seamlessly. Experience the refreshing, zesty scent that keeps fatigue at bay and energizes you with its crisp, citrusy notes. Known for enhancing moods and focus, this fragrance offers the ideal blend of soothing and rejuvenating elements. 

  • 650

    Cast an aroma of contentment while uplifting your interiors! The sophisticated blend of herbs with lavender perfected by our perfumers is a gift that displays oodles of care and affection. The floral yet herby fragrance uplifts your senses, thereby helping you let go of your stressors.?