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    Brighten your space with the colourful and vibrant IRIS Cherry Blossom Potpourri! With dried leaves, flower petals, and other plant material, placed in a decorative bowl, you can add a rustic charm to your interiors and envelop your room with a subtly warm floral scent. An enchanting bowl to enhance your home decor!

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    The IRIS Choco Orange Jar Potpourri contains the sweet and dark scent of Chocolate blended with the refreshing citrussy notes of Orange. The exotic scent of Choco-Orange is infused with dried green, gold and red flowers which are encased in a glass jar with a wooden lid.

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    The IRIS table top Potpourri is the perfect home décor for your house. Vibrant dry flowers spritzed with the fragrance of Floral Garden encased in a graceful carton with an elegant gold ribbon is the ideal feature for all your aesthetic needs.

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    Our fragrances bring a sense of life to any environment. IRIS Glitter Fragrance Gift Set will enhance the beauty of any home it resides in thanks to its stylish design and elegant packaging.  

    The fragrance set consists of 2 Glitter Gold Votives, 2 Gold Glitter Taper Candles, 1 Reed Diffuser Set, and 1 Glitter Potpourri.  

    Experience the exhilarating fragrance of Gold Musk in the Glitter Fragrance Set. 

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    Embrace the exquisite fragrance of Gold Musk through the IRIS Glitter Reed Diffuser set. A great addition to your home for both decor and fragrance, the Glitter Reed Diffuser set is covered in gold for your luxurious indulgence. 

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    Gold glitters with the IRIS Gold glass votive candle. Allow the rich, refined smell of Gold Musk to surround you and uplift you from within. Feel the magic in the air as glitter fills your home. 

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    Glitter in gold with the IRIS Gold glass votive candle. Embrace the rich and refined fragrance of Gold Musk surround you and uplift you from within. Fill your house with the gleam of glitter and experience the magic in the air. 

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    Glow in gold with the IRIS Gold Lacquered Candle. Give your spaces a magical flair with the gleam of glitter. An exotic blend of shimmering glitter makes this candle the most exquisite handcrafted aroma candle. Bring your surroundings to life with a bold aesthetic. 

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    Shimmer in gold with the IRIS Gold Lacquered Pillar Candle. Elevate your spaces with the gleam of glitter and cast a mystical aura. The most exquisite handcrafted aroma candle is crafted with the purest wax and an exotic blend of shimmering glitters. Let your house shine bright and experience an aesthetic uplift. 

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    Bring a touch of natural beauty and fragrance to your home with our enchanting floral bouquet made from the finest potpourri. This stunning arrangement features a blend of colourful petals and delicate herbs that are artfully arranged to create an eye-catching display.

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    Elevate your romance experience with the IRIS Romance fragrance gift set. This opulent collection will ignite the passions within and transport you to a world of love and desire.

    The gift set features a delightful potpourri of hand-selected petals, herbs, and spices, a heart-shaped candle, a striking red pillar candle, a soft pink pillar candle, and a rose-scented tealight candle, all designed to create a warm and inviting ambience in any space. Infused with IRIS’s signature Romance fragrance, this gift set will envelop you in its intoxicating aroma from morning to night.

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    he IRIS Romance Table top Potpourri is a breath of fresh air your house needs. Elevate your home decor with the vibrant colours of the dry flowers and the sweet flowery aroma of Romance. Soothe and uplift your senses with the floral notes of Potpourri and refresh it with the Potpourri refresher oil spray. The Potpourri comes in a decorative carton in the colours of Red, gold and green. Charm your guests with the warming colours and fragrance of the Potpourri.