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    Cast an aroma of contentment while uplifting your interiors! The sophisticated blend of herbs with lavender perfected by our perfumers is a gift that displays oodles of care and affection. The floral yet herby fragrance uplifts your senses, thereby helping you let go of your stressors.

  • Potpourri spray

    The heady aroma of lavender calms the mood and casts a soothing vibe over the room and the people in it. One whiff of potpourri spritzed with the IRIS Lavender Potpourri Refresher Oil Spray will make you think of a fresh blooming lavender garden! Get this captivating floral aroma so your potpourri can stay fragrant for a long time.

  • Lavender fragrance car spray

    Give your car a soothing atmosphere with the Lavender Car Spray from IRIS. It comes with handy packaging, and is a great way to keep your car odor-free. The aroma mesmerizes and relaxes your body, physically and emotionally, giving you peace of mind for a long drive. A subtle wisp of fragrance to inspire a calm and joyous drive.

  • decorative diya for diwali

    Be it a usual day or a festive season, add some spark to your indoors with the IRIS Aromatic Diyas. They come in aesthetic holders, and feature five sweet-smelling variants of lavender, vanilla, orange, lemongrass and green apple. Apart from uplifting the vibe of your interiors, the special diyas keep the area smoke-free, and when placed on a surface, they don’t drip any wax at all unlike regular wax candles. They also come in an attractive pouch and make for a great gifting option.

  • lavender Fragrance Sachet

    Let the tranquilizing floral and herby perfume of the IRIS Lavender Fragrance Sachet perfuse the small, enclosed spaces of your home and enliven them. A tiny packet aromatizer that takes up no space.